Bank Reconciliation Statement with details

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Pease guide me how to take BRS report with cleared date, Cleared cheque details, Uncleared cheque details but in AX I am getting only total number of transactions not in detailed descriptions.

you can two reports for reconciliation one is the summary and the other one contains the details of the transactions…

I hope you will get the required details from the second one…

In AX 2009 BRS report is showing Cleared and Uncleared transaction details, its showing like no of tranctions cleated is 5 and no of uncleared transactions is 7 etc…i am expecting instead of no of 5 tranctions , ii has to dispaly 5 transactions …

In the Reconciliation summary report - in the print out group → select which transaction you want to see in the report.(Cleared /Uncleared/summary)

is this what you are looking for???

though user is checking that cleared details checkbox or uncleared check box, report will not give transaction details, it will give only no of transactions cleated and no of transactions uncleared.

If you see in reconciliation mode there are two report

Path: Bank > Bank Account Detail> select bank>function>reconcile

in this window there are Print button

There are 2 report one is summary other is detail. The Detail one show whole information of reconciliation


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