Bank Reconciliation Scenario

Business case is, there are four entities - A, B, C & D

A sends money into the B’s bank account directly and B’s pays off to C and commission to D

Please suggest on automating bank reconciliation within AX 2009.


How are you looking for auto reconciliation? Auto reconciliation is not a standard feature, you need to develop that.

If these all are separate legal entities, the bank reconciliation will be done separately for all the entities as they will have separate bank account and statement.

Generally, auto reconciliation is done by customizing feature such that bank statement is imported and the reconciliation is done on the basis of check number, date and amount.


Hi Pranav,

That I am aware of automation cannot be facilitated in 2009 but in 2012 R2.

Let me rephrase my question - How should I treat these entities A,B,C,D within AR/AP and ledger accounts for bank reconciliation. I need to draft an FRD and I am struggling to write a functional logic.

Money comes in from A hence it can be a Customer and C/D gets paid off hence transaction for them can be recorded in AP? or is there any better way.

I am keen to discuss please can you drop by your mobile to my email address (, I shall call you if that is ok. I am an Indian and based in the UK.

Please advise.