Bank Reconciliation - Multiple Currencies

Hi - We currently have a client whose LCY is USD yet they have some Canadian customers, vendors and bank accounts. They are running into issues when trying to reconcile these Canadian bank accounts. The G/L Balance comes in at USD - while the Bank Rec. lines are coming in as a Canadian dollar amount (CAD). Then what should they be entering their “Balance on Statement” as - CAD or USD? It makes sense to put the CAD Amount since it is a Canadian Bank Account but then it looks as if the system is trying to reconcile that amount with the USD G/L Amount. Our Solution Center found out yesterday that this is a known Navision bug that has been forwarded to their Denmark office. No word when there will be a fix. Unfortunately, our client needs an answer now - does anyone have a work-around? Would reverting to older Navision Bank Rec objects work or is that asking for more trouble? - Thanks, R.