Bank Reconciliation in Navision Classic

Hi All…

Can any explain how to do the following transactions in Navision at when u do the Reconciliation between Bank Statement and our Bank GL account

  1. Checks depositied /Posted in GL but not Credited i Bank Statement

  2. Checks credited in Bank Statement but not posted in the GL

  3. Sur charges / Bank charges not posted in GL Account

  4. Amount Wrongly Posted / Updated in GL Account

Thanks in advance


Hi Pavani garu,

Hope this video answers your questions


thank u Anil

But it says only how to pass bank charges entries…

can you guide me how to do other entries also in the navision



it is almost similar you nee dot create the GL journal for the remaining entries also… and if they are not posted in bank statement

then you to add those entries by applying them in the lines…

wrongly posted entries need to be reverse or a negative journal would be posted…


Or Please tell me

i am getting an error “Statement Ending balance is not equal to Total Balance” at the time of posting Bank Reconciliation. please tell me what are the entries which will effect the reco



the total of your “Statement Amount” in the lines should be = “Statement Ending Balance” - “Balance Last Statement” in the header…

that difference should be posted in the banks statement… that is when the statement balances…

now your are posting an unbalanced statement hence the error message…!


Hi Pavani,

Attaching document for your reference. This might help you.

4010.Navision 4.0 Bank Reconciliation.pdf (32.7 KB)

Thank u Amol sir…