Bank Reconciliation in Foreign Currency

My bank reconciliation test report per NAV indicates that the reconciliation is out, however I have double checked it and it does not appear to be. One thing that I have noticed is that on the control info tab there is a currency factor field. This field will only accept 2 decimal places, and in our Currency exchange rates setting we put in a rate that goes 4 decimal places. I suspect that this is why it is out of balance. I am preparing this bank rec based on the 30th of the month, as that is the current info that I have available at the bank. By doing this, I will only have one day to reconcile next week for month end (the 31st). I have not yet run my FX revaluation for month end, and have not changed the rate all month either.

Any comments or suggestions?

Have you tried to insert a new line with type of difference and try to balance reconciliations?

Bank reconciliation in foreign currency should have nothing to do with FX rates, as you are only reconciling your foreign transactions in Bank book with those of the Bank statement. In one of the posts, I had mentioned steps for bank recon. I have not tried though, but the principle should be same. The Bank statement opens up. Put the name of the bank with Foreign currency. Put the closing balance of the Bank statement at the top 1/2 of the screen. Pull in the ledger entries. And reconcile so that the balance at the bottom matches. I hope you are not mixing apples and oranges i.e trying to do the recon in local currency. Regards, Sabu