Bank reconciliation function in World Wide Version

We use the World Wide version of Nav 5.0 and find the bank rec function unacceptable. We want to move to the same functionality that is in the North American version and have been told it will cost $10K US. We surely can’t be the only company unhappy with the product - what have the rest of you done?

It should be possible (quite easily) to integrate the part of the bank recon from the NA version to the W1 version.

And it should definitely not cost you 10K - max of 2K. and that is the absolute maximum you should accept

Thank you Thomas. You have any suggestions on who could do the integration for us. I am in Canada - server is in Dubai.

Actually any NAV partner or freelancer could do the job. The only thing you need to keep in mind that this change will affect ALL companies in the database!