Bank recon and others

We have recently installed Navision 3.6 for automotive division. The database in native and not SQL.

We have been facing many issues a few of which I will list.

a) Bank Reconciliation: Many times we receive credits in banks (at the end of month), which are not posted in the books as we get the statement a couple of days later. When we do the reconciliation in the following month for the previous month, the bank reconciliation does not allow the reconciliation till the missed credit is posted in the previous month. It is very much possible that the credit may have been posted in the following month. Thus leading to duplication. The Navision does not allow - “Chq received/expenses in bank but not in Books” to be used at all. Since it forces the entry, this line is always zero.

b) Bank Reconciliation: I do not allow direct posting in G/L accounts for Banks as a control feature and removed the tick from direct posting setup for Bank G/L accounts. It is always through Bank account. However, the Bank reconciliation does not get done and asks me to allow the direct posting tab. Why should a system generated entry ask the direct posting to be opened.

c)Apply Entries - When I have a multiple invoices and a single receipt, the system does not allow me to choose selected amounts to be applied to invoices. The apply gets done on 1st come 1st served basis. i.e. if I have 300 and 200 as invoice and want to apply 250 receipt as 150 and 100 against them, the system takes all of the 250 to the 300 and nothing gets applied to 200.




Bank reconciliation differs per country, you will need to tell us where you are so the appropriate person can repsond.

The partial payments option was brought in in version 4.0 a couple of years ago. Not sure “why” you have recently installed 3.60, but this feature is available in release 4.0.

Thanks. I will pass on this info to our supplier.



Actually in the US version, what you need is in 3.70B. But as Steven says, 4.0 covers it at the W1 level. I agree with Steven, that to have “Recently installed” 3.60 is a pretty bad thing. This is quite a buggy version of Navision, and I can not fathom why a partner would have installed this now. Thats like installing Windows 2000.

The only thing I can think, is that 3.60 was the last version that would run properly on Windows 98.

I would say more like installing windows ME.