Bank Payment Voucher


I created a bank payment voucher when i select account type vendor and A/c no is V0001 when i select this then the name of vendor not papulate in description shows a error overflow under type conversion of text to text. i checked then every palace same length of vendor name and description.what reason for giving that error.


Which Version of NAV are you using?

Classic or RTC?

If you are using NAV2009R2 and above versions then

Did you check AccName and BalAccName variables?

They must be 50

I am using NAV2009R2 and both variable AccName and BalAccName length is 50 (Codeunit 230,getaccount function).

Have you change the vendor name length in vendor master???

No Change,Vendor master standard length of Name 50.

Please change AccName and BalAccName (global variables) length from 30 to 50 in Form 16577 also…

Yea, activate the debugger then i found that error.