Bank details in Sales Invoice Receipt (NAV 2013)

When we print sales invoice, we want to include the bank details in all Sales Invoice Receipt so that our client can do the have transfer. The bank details will remain constant for all sales invoices being printed.

Can this be done through automatic extended text or do we have any other options at end-users

We do not want to modify the report for Sales Invoice receipts

There is Payments section in Company Setup - there your main bank account credentials should be entered.

However, out-of-box Sales Invoice report does not include bank acc data, therefore without modification there is no way to have it printed on SI.

Standard document reports are generic - normally, those are modified to fit user’s requirements and/or local country legal regulations.

Thanks Ivans for the info.

In the Payment Section (Company Setup), the bank address is missing and for all SWIFT transfer that’s a mandatory information. Hence same is not of great help.

The only way is to modify the Sales Invoice report which I think can be done through the Report builder.

Well I told you that standard must be modified - you can’t expect it will fit all situations around the world.

Company Setup / Payments is the place to enter your company’s bank data, and nothing keeps you from adding some additional fields, if needed.

Of course, document reports must be modified to fit your needs, I wonder why your implementing Partner company hasn’t done it yet, as normally they should have redesigned all those docs in a form that complies with local requirements - every client in your country needs them.

BTW, standard even can’t deal with the case when Sell-To, Bill-To and Ship-To are DIFFERENT companies.


If you DO NOT WISH to modify the report, then what you are doing now is the best option, extended text. What else you can think of?

You need quite a lot of information for the bank payment.

If you are sure they doesn’t change at all, and if you know the technical, you can create fields in company table, and always pull all the information from there, but of course, this is part of “Modifying” the report, and with modification of table.