Bank charges


I have a question. How do i make the setup in ax 4.0, so that all the bank charhes is covored by my company, and not by my vendor?

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On the payment fee setup ensure the charge is defined as ledger and not vendor and set the appropriate ledger account to process the charge against.

Hello Adam,

you mean under Accounts payable > Setup > Payment > Payment fee … yes? And then I should be able to select if I want to use this fee on the payment rows for each vendor (in the payment journal), when i’m making the payment?

I will try that, thanks for your reply

When i make this setup, will the bank be informed that the bank charges will be taken care of by my company, and not the vendor?

No, you are mirroring the arrangement already in place. Are you trying to BACs pay this and the fee to the bank as a vendor?

Ok, ni I’m not trying to pay the bank charges as a vendor, but i’m trying to setup so that my company is the one who will pay the bank charges (fee) for one particular transaction.

Yes that is what it is used for - but how did you expect the system to tell the bank you were paying them then? They just end up on the account and in the expense account, the bank charge you because those are the arrangements.

Well that’s the problem in this case, because i cannot know the amount of the “Transaction fee” so that I manually can type it in AX. I need a a sort of function where I by Vendor can choose to take all the payment fee’s, for a specific Vendor.

I cannot find this function in standard ax.

So you do not know the amount of the fee but you want AX to suggest the fee?

No, thats pretty impossible. What I ment was, that it may be possible to recive some information from the bank, because when i create a sales (and post the payment) order and , i send files to the bank, giving them information about the accounts and the amounts. And when the bank is done with the transactions I recieve a file from the bank, wish I import to AX, and it’s maybe possible to setup some kind of solution så that AX knows on a Vendor level, that those bank charges should be taken by the own company.

You mention sales - you send the bank information on your cash receipts? Then you process them and send them a file to tell them what you are going to pay in or have received electronically? Not really clear on what you are saying here. You then receive a file from the bank telling you they have processed the receipts? Then you switch back to vendors. If you run a payment run then yes you can export this to the bank, additionally the file they give you back you can also import, there are different file formats as standard on the method of payment. Then yes of course you can also modify AX to import the file and create a journal based upon what the bank is telling you.

Sorry, I saw now that I was a littel bit confusing. What I ment was that when I’m buying from a specific vendor, I need to take all the bank charges. So where can I find information of how to modify AX to create a journal based upon what the bank is telling me (concerning bank charges for one particular vendor)?

I suggest you start a new post in the developers forum asking how to create a journal utilising a bank import file.