Bank and Cash Management

Can anybody answer a few questions raised by one of our customer: (Navision 4.0)

  1. Is it possible to define multiple cheque books for each banks and maintain the serial numbers for Auditing purpose

2.Is it possbile to define multiple funds and cash floats with their custodian information. Also to change the custodian when there is a need

  1. Is it possible to revalue foreign currency Bank accounts and post the gain/loss to predefined accounts

  2. Is it possible to transfer funds between 2 banks; each having different currencies.

  3. Is it possible to set access rights to certain bank accounts where an authorised user only can access them

  1. In the standard Navision you can not define more than one cheque no. for one bank account. It will require customization for do so.

  2. I could not get your question…

  3. Yes, it is possible to do the revaluation of bank account maintained in foreign currency and system will post the exchange gain/loss in predefined account (reliasied gain/loss account in currency crad)

  4. Yes, it is possible to transfer fund from one account to another. You need to enter the entries in two line. (you can not use balancing account feature of navision)

  5. If you are using SQL server database, you can control the bank account access through security filter.

Dear Mr. Kumar,

Thanks for your reply.

Regarding Point No.2 It is all about Petty cash imprest System

**"**The Petty Cash Imprest System works on the basis that you only replenish what you have spent. So if you start the month with €100 in your petty cash float and spend €90 of that cash in the month, an amount of €90 will be then placed in your petty cash float to bring the balance of your petty cash float back to €100…"

Suppose the customer has 2 petty cashiers, given 1000$ at the month begining, they should be able to record the expenses in the system and by the end of the month they will be re-imbursed the actual amount spent. Now the customer needs to have the name of Petty cashier who is handling the fund in the System and some times the name of the person needs to be changed too…

This is the requirement.

thanks in advance,

Thomas Philipose