Bank Account Finance Tracking

Dear all,

Can i know in ax2012 how can i track bank account in financial

How can i find how much expected payment(It may be bridging,PDC) . how can find expected receipts (It may be Post dated check,bridging) displaying with future dates based on these report i can make decession on release payment


Dear All

Ho can i get a report for expected payment ,receipts with dates ( Iam not using invoice ) simply using Bridging Accounts

Hi Rupesh,

I am not sure what exactly you are looking for. Well i can suggest you options which are most generally used:

  1. You can use AR aging report. Receipts are always expected from customers, so you can use that report. Aging report has wonderful functionality of aging buckets where you can get to know what you can expect in 0-30 days, 30-60 days in forward and backward manner.

  2. You can create own report using financial statement or management reporter. Generally cash flow forecast report is prepared. In cash flow forecast, we design reports using ledgers (bridging account can also be included). However, no subledgers are included.


Thanks Pranav ,

Can you tel me while creating the Financial Statements i need to subtract (for cash flow statements ) is there any functionality in Finacial Statement


Again i didn’t your exact requirement. Is it something like you want to do some calculation like adding, subtracting between values.

If that is so, then yes that feature is available in financial statement. Financial statement is very flexible and you can design many reports involving ledger.


Dear Pranav,

My Requirement is :

We dont have any PO and SO order and no inventory .We just using Finance module without procurment

Generally we receive and disbusment the payment in advance for this (we are using PDC and Bridging account)

My requirment is i want to know the What is the Expected reeipt and payment with date wise , so that i can take decession for payment

what is the issued checks and deosit slip.

Hi Pranav,

Can you give an example of Aging forward Vs Backward ?