Balances carrying foward after closing of year

Can anyone out there help me i have three company which are not closing out years, correctly. After closing the years and posting the journal batch, when i run the Detailed TB , i am seing balances carrying foward from the closed year, for income and expenditure account. I have tried closing the year both by using, the business unit and without it. Can anyone help please, i am using Navision 3.60. Regards silk

Have you checked whether the g/l card is set to Income Statement on Income/Balance?

all the problem accounts are indeed income statement accounts, i would expect only balance sheet accounts to carry foward balances

Hi, Is the problem in the report only or is it also in the Chart of Accounts? Have there been any modifications in the report? Regards, Mark

What date range are you using to obtain the TB? Take into account that closing the income accounts will use a special “Closing” date, you should therefore filter 010105…C311205. Saludos Nils

You did close the correct accounting period I assume. The date for the close should be automatically brought into the fiscal year ending date of the close income statement function. A common error when looking at what is closed is using the wrong filter on the chart of accounts date flow filter, an example of how to see a year’s entries including the closing entries is 01/01/04…C12/31/04 (notice the c in front of the second date). I apologise if I am looking at your issue too simplistically but I have closed many years and not seen this problem but have seen errors examing the data.

Did they close by dimension and if not are the accounts being viewed with a dimension filter set. Cheers Peter

Thanx for the many questions guys, well to answer them. I am also confused as to why the system is doing that. I would like to think that the problems is on both sides, ie the chart of accounts, and the report. The understanding i have is that after yu close a year if yu run the chart of accounts form with flow filter for that year it should have zero for all In St accounts. Which is not the case. Yes indeed i had tried using those funny C dates, but to no avail i understand that the c date lies in between 31/12/xx and 01/01/x+1 . I have tried closing using business units and without the sytem still goes and picks balances. Maybe to make my self more clear, the system reports well if yu pull a global report but the moment yu introduce a Dimension Filter that when yu start seing miracles. I was just going thru the flow filter from COA, i noticed for some of the accounts, the entries which were being summed up to give the balances in the other year where actually totals from the last day of months with activity, ie 3101, 2802, 3103,3004…3112 . Only the last days of those 12 months. very suspicious. i hope to get some help