Balance Sheet


any one has any idea how to make balance sheet.



You have to sit with your account person and design the same with Account schedule.

hi amol ,

as i am setting with my account person, as i know have littel bit problem on this there is difference amt is showing on this.

iam taking the follwing account.

1.COGS acc

2.dicrect cost

  1. total purcahse

  2. stock acc total

  3. opening bal

  4. closing bal

is any thing we are missing.



Have a look at your Chart of Accounts where your Balance Sheet & Income Accounts are separated using income/balance.

Attaching one report object for ur reference. Have a look at it
Balance Sheet.fob (120 KB)

thanks amol,

i have one query if iam doing inventory adjustment, then what will be the impact on balance sheet

Are you doing postive & Nagative Adjustment ?

If yes then it will have impact on Balance sheet too because Inventory account is part of balance sheet .

Whenever you are doing adjustment then follwoing two account will hit

Inventory Account in balance sheet

Inventory Adjustment Account in Income Statement

Inventory adjustment will changes your current asset holdings, hence have an impact on balance sheet.

if amt is not matching , can any one has an idea which setting i have to check to know wats wrong.


Which Amount is not matching ?

Is anybody passed direct JV in these Accounts???