Balance Sheet reports


I have A problem with my BALANCE SHEET reports, we just loaded the Begginging Balance and we have some transaction also, but when I generate the Balance Sheet reports, no Data appear?, and my date filter is Correct, why is that happen, is there a setup that i miss? hoping for your reply?TY

How did you load the beginning balances? From a journal? Can you go to the registers and see the entries in the GL?

If you can then there is a filter set. You may have a corrupt zup so try from another machine.

Yes I load the Begining balance from JOURNAL, But when I generate the Trial Balance it ok, There an entry in myt Register, base on my Begining Balances. what can i do?hoping for your reply.

Well if you can go to the register and see the GL entries then they are there!

You either have a filter on restricting them, or your zup file is corrupt and you need to delete it. Check the dates of the entry from the journal. Drilling into the GL can you see “any” transactions? Go into any account and then remove the account filter.

Then of course it is a balance sheet report, presumably an account schedule, how have you constructed this? What are the following:

Totalling Type
Row Type
Amount Type

How are your column layouts constructed?

Column Type
Ledger Entry Type
Amount Type


I know now what wrong, I did not Set the Account as BALANCE SHEET. :lol: sorry,my bad…but Thanks for your reply I really appreciate it. Thanks a lot

No problem [:D] Glad you got there in the end!