Balance Scorecard needed on Attain

Urgently need solution for Balanced Scorecard on Attain 3.60. Can anyone help! Best regards, Yvonne Yau. Enterprise Solutions Group

For some Information you need, you can use Dimensions and Analysis views, others you can get with questionaires in the CRM area. Have fun Dominik

Hi Yvonne, have a look at the following addon of a spanish NSC, though I don’t know if the version is available in english. Saludos Nils

hello, did anyone found a solution, in english ? please send me an email

Hi, We have developed some Balance Scorecard on a Product Called Qlikview we also sell Navision Templates on this product. More than 15 navision Customers in Asia Pacific are using our solution. You could have have a look on this product on the web. Rgds Puspak