Balance Last Mont/Current Mont

HI… Question about in table Gl Accout, is it possible to create field which is show, balance/net change in Last month/current month in table/form, anykind help will be appriciate, thank alot… regards, DEWI

Hello, these kind of fields do already exist and are called Balance, Balance at Date and Net Change - all of these fields are flowfields and the respective flowfilters (to filter these kind of flowfields) are called Date Filter, Department Filter, Project Filter, etc. If you want to establish the filter by code, you just have to use the following statement in the corresponding trigger: SETRANGE(“Date Filter”,StartingDate,EndDate); for example having the filter defined for the current month, would be: SETRANGE(“Date Filter”,CALCDATE(’-PM’,WORKDATE),CALCDATE(‘PM’,WORKDATE)); and the same for last month: SETRANGE(“Date Filter”,CALCDATE(’-PM-1M’,WORKDATE),CALCDATE(’-PM-1D’,WORKDATE)); Saludos Nils