Balance is showing worng in chart of account.

Hi All,

I have a small problem , i have share the G/L table in database between 4 company , now the problem which am facing is that in chart of account the balance of other company is also displaying when i click the particular account than go to that card than i am able to see the correct balance, while seeing the list its show some other value.

using NAV 2013

any idea how to recticy it.

thanks n advance


So you altered the table to “share the G/L table in database between 4 company” and your surprised to see all the entries for all the companies?

Making a table common to all companies is a bad idea in any case, as this is IRREVERSIBLE.

But why, for the God’s sake, you made the MAIN table of an ERP system shared !!! Now you can trash this DB and start everything from the beginning again - or restore a backup made before GL was made common, if you have one. (which I tend to doubt…)

The entries are not there only the wrong value is showing in chart of account list when i see the form but when i open that particular account that or open the card than able to see to the correct value , problem is with only viewing the list.