Bad formatting on Purchase Order report for particular user

We have one user that when they post a Purchase order, the receive the following message. "Instance Method getImageDimensionUnits does not exist in class Image. There is only one user being affected. In addition to the message, the format of the actual report is skewed and not all fields are being displayed on the printout. It also does not seem to be affected by the printer being used.

Probably due to User cache & frequent development changes.
Delete user cache files.
To delete AUC(Application Unicode Cache) files we need to perform below steps.

  1. Stop AOS
  2. Delete AUC files from below path

Clearing the cache was the first thing I tried followed by clearing the user’s usage data. No luck. One particularly od thing is that when printed to the screen, it looks ok but when sent to a printer or saved as a pdf file, it becomes distorted. Specifically, it is not scaling to paper size even though that option is selected.