Is it possible to take ax backups?if it is possible could you please tell me how?

are you talking about AX data back up or AX customizations (objects) backup?

Hi Lola,

I am asking about customization backups?

Hi Kishore,

You can take the backup of our customization by one of the below processes.

  1. by exporting the . XPO files (based on the Customization)

  2. by taking the .aod and .ald files from your Applicatoin folder

Hi Kishore,

the 2 methods referred to by Siva above are what you can do.

for the 1st method create a new empty project. and in its “advanced filter” choose AOT then in select choose the layer(Application model>UtilLevel) you want to export (USR, BUS…) depending on your customization

Hi Sir,

I am asking about automatic backups?is it possible in ax?


There is no auto backup of application option in Dynamics AX.

In the past, I used DOS command script to do the following in the mid night when it was acceptable for AOS to be unavailable -

  1. Stop the AOS
  2. Delete .aoi file
  3. Used Robocopy script to backup the application layer.
  4. Restart AOS.

The beauty with Robocopy is - it is intelligent enough so that only those files which had its timestamp changed would be backed up.

Thanks Harish