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what is the safest way of making backups in navision?

Iam currently using sql server database maintenance plans for full daily backups ; backups are stored on another machine within the premises every midnight and i keep a copy of the backups offsite .

I also make backups using the navision i.e tools → Backup

Team , may u please advise on best practice in making backups’ ?



We are using SQL database maintenance plans for full day plan at mid night…

you can use navision backup also but the size of the file willl be more than SQL backup…

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how can i setup up navision backup to backup at midnight ?





SQL full backups are basically a copy of the database file, which includes all indexes. A NAV backup does not include all of the indexes, those are rebuilt as part of the restoration process. NAV backup files are always smaller than SQL backup files.

Another difference between SQL and NAV backups is what they contain. A NAV backup is the last committed version of the database at the time the backup was started. Any transactiosn that occur during the backup are not included. On the other hand, a SQL backup includes data from any transactions that were completed during the backup.

For the best recovery potential you should be using Full recovery mode and be doing transaction backups along with those full backups.