Backup process in AX 2012

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In AX 2012 , a) what is the manual process to take the backup and explain the path in AX 2012 ?

b) How many ways we can take the backup ?

c) How many types we can take the backup? ( forexample - SQL Backup , ?)

Please help me .

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  1. By using an AX application take .dat file that is one type of Backup.

  2. By using SQL Server 2008 R2 Management studio take the backup file …



SQL Backup is the only real backup. You can export the elements using a definition group but I would not consider this a backup.

You have both data and AX application in SQL database, so you can (finally) use the same approach for both.

SQL Server offers many features for backing up data and it performs very well; I wouldn’t even think about data exports in AX or such things. Look at Back Up and Restore of SQL Server Databases and consider how often you need to backup, how you want to work with uncommitted transactions etc. Then choose the most appropriate recovery model, strategy of full/partial backups and so on.

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You mentioned that we can take the backup from the application , So Could you guide me the path in AX 2012 to take the backup ?

Thanks in advance.

Could you explain what is the difference between data and AX application in SQL database. Please explain.

Could you explain the approach ?

AX application consists of source code and metadata stored in model store database. Business data such us customers, orders etc. are stored in a SQL database too. AX2012 uses a single database for both, while AX2012 R2 have two separate databases.

For details about SQL backups, please read the documentation I that I linked. Ask if you don’t understand some part of it, but it doesn’t make sense to repeat everything here if it’s already documented somewhere else.