Backup from SQL 2000 and Restore to Native

I have a SQL 2000 database which I perform and full backup. Thereafter, I do a restore into a newly created Navision Native Database. However, after the restore is successfully completed, all my companies are not accessible. When I do a Open Company, nothing happens! This doesn’t happen all the time, but when it happens I do not know what to do. Please help as the restoration process is terribly long.

Please make sure to report this, including details about version of Attain, operating system etc. to your local NTR. You may also put some information into this forum. Question: After restoring the DB, does the menu(File|Database|Information|Table) indicate that there are data and companies in the database? - Jens

Restore with Attain is 2 to 3 times slower than in earlier versions(May be due to the more tables/objects & indexing of data). As for nothing happenning on opening a Co. it seems that the companies couldn’t be initialized properly. Check if the ‘Company’ table for Company records and then if records exist in each Co. Perhaps a better solution would be to do a restore again & try. [8D]

I have found the “solution” to the problem. I realised that all the Objects are missing. This is puzzling though, because I ticked “Application Objects” when I perform my Backup. Somehow or another, the Application Objects were not backup-ed and hence when I restored it, the objects did not get restored.