Backup error in stx file


I have this error while I’m trying to backup with Nav 5.0 SP1.

2538.navierr.bmp (192 KB)

I’ve seen earlier posts about the error. However, I didn’t find the solution.

What I am sure about is this database is never opened with other versions of navision, even NAV6.0 ;).

How can I get rid of this error?

Any help appreciated,


This is because your fin.stx file does not match the build of finsql.exe. These must match.

A common issue is when you add a new language and use the language from a wrong build. It also can be from wrongly applying a service pack or hotfix.

Hi David,

The installation of Nav didn’t upgraded since its installation. In our company we all have nav 5.0 SP1 as it is.

And the database is native database (fdb) using NAS.

The database somehow doesn’t want to export the objects.


I have same error as this

I don’t know whether he has fixed this or not. How come tables 2000000071…2000000079 appeared in my database?