Backup Db Error - Tables 100000000000 can not be deleted NAV5.0 SP1


I performed a backkup and I canceled before completed. I guess this was the reason of my issue. Right now I have a lot of tables in the range of 10000000xxx that I can not delete. If I need to aply a restore on that DB it caused me an error. I have dbo_owner permissions on this Db but still I can not deleted from NAV - Object Designer. Do you think I could delete them from SQL Console ?



Finish the restore and they will be removed automatically

Dem I will follow your guidelines. My Plan B if this is doesn’t work would be to delete those tables from SQL commands , but I see that there is a full set of these tmp tables per each company within the DB. I will let you know .

Thanks in advance !!

Regards, Mario

Den, It Worked !!

I performed again full backup (fob + data ) after finishing the next step was: run the Restore ( Tools > Restore)

Warning message : Do you want to complete the restoration of the backup? > Click No. > a new message: Do you want to delete the part of the backup that has been already been restored? > Click YES.

it start deleting … and then finished without any error … when I looked on Object Designer , there were no temp tables ID in the range of 10000000xxx

Thanks a lot for your contribution !!!

Mario Demarchi