Backup appers to be too big

Hallo Guys,

I hoping one of you can help my out. I have an old Navision backup that needs to be restored. I have run in to various problems that I could resolve with the help of Google, but I can’t find someone else that had a similar problem.

The backup is made out of three companies, I can restore the last 2 (B & C) with out a problem but the first company, seems to be too large for the current license. SQL states that I’m not allowed to have a database bigger then 4096MB.

The back file is split in to two, the first file is 2.1 GB and the second is 1.3 GB. When restoring I will receive an error that there isn’t enough space available in Filegroup 1 and that you will have to drop some data to make space or that you have to increase the size of the data base.

If I try to make the database bigger then 4 GB it presents me with an error that the current license is restricted to 4GB for the databases. And the strange thing is that, while in the recovery it states that the size of the backup is only 2.1GB, which is well within in the license restrictions. I have also tired doing the restore after making filegroup 1 4091MB and the 5mb that was left went to the primary filegroup. I have also enabled the autoshrink option but that also doesn’t helps.

How can I verify what the exact size is of the databases that are in the backup? - I’m pretty sure that the database aren’t bigger then 4GB because, i’m using the same license that was used to create the database and the backup file
And what else can I try to restore the backup?

If all else fails I’m prepared to buy a license, but as of now I haven’t found a company that sells a 2009 license…

Sorry for my rusty English it’s not my mother language.

Can you make another backup, using MSSQL tools, not Navision? That could be then restored directly in SSMS, again bypassing NAV, and shrink it to allowed 4Gb, if data fits into that size.

Problem is, that NAV Restore runs as one HUGE transaction, and for short moment needs more DB space, than final DB size will be. In case with MSSQL server most of this overhead goes to Transaction Log, which is not counted in used DB space. (In old days with Classic DB the size had to be twice the size for restore of actual DB size)

and you won’t find any - you can buy only current version. Greetings from MS licensing policy… [:@]

Hallo Modris,

Thank you very much for your reply, it explains a lot, I’m not yet that familiar with Navision . Unfortunately it’s not possible to make a other backup, this is the only files that I have.

It’s a shame that you can’t upgrade legacy licenses. Can you restore a 2009 backup in navision 2013?

I suspect that you are running SQL Express. That is where the 4 GB limit is coming from. Not from NAV. Purchasing another, assuming you already have one, would not solve your issues.

A SQL backup will restore to the same size as the DB that was originally backed up. Including the log file. You can shrink it after, but not during the restore.

I’m unclear what your ultimate goal is, but one option would be to purchase and install a copy of SQL Developer Edition. This would cost around $50 US and remove the size restrictions. You would then be able to restore the DB and get access. However, this would not be a valid SQL license for production use. So you would need to address that if you intended to use NAV.

SQLExpress max DB size is 10Gb from at least ver.2011, if not even earlier… (and that is data only, TransLog doesn’t count).

You and babrown are both right. SQL express server 2005 has an 4GB restriction.

SQL Server Express uses the same reliable and high-performance database engine as the other versions of SQL Server 2005. It also uses the same data access APIs such as ADO.NET, SQL Native Client, and T-SQL. In fact, it is differentiated from the rest of the SQL Server 2005 editions only by the following:

  • Lack of enterprise features support
  • Limited to one CPU
  • One GB memory limit for the buffer pool
  • Databases have a 4 GB maximum size

I will install SQL express 2008 as it has a 10GB limit.

It’s fully working, thanks a lot!