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I 'm working in Nav Classic nav 6.0 SP1 I would like to know when posting a order can you choose to put a item on back order at that time . We are manually cleaning up the back orders form the sales order . We delete the shipped and invoice items off. I would like to know if this can be done automated .

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Pitty Pat

U have batch job where you can delete the Invoiced Sales Order. Check in Administration module.

thank you . do you have any ideal about the back order mode . can the back order put put on backorder at the time of posting and when receiving is done it can be released .


The easiest and leastexpensive way is to add a new function on the Sales Order form that will set your Order Qty field to qty being invoiced. Once you run this function you can run Delete Invoiced Sales Order.

The mod takes about 30 min. to develop and 30 min. to test and deploy.

how does this effect the posted invoices and posted sales shipment related to the sales order ?

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Pitty Pat

Hi Pat,

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Updating/deleting sales lines will not affect posted documents.

The way I would normally handle this would be (through code) to create a new order for the balance of the order not shipping and then validate in to quantity to match the Qty. to Ship on the original order. This means the order shipped/invoices as normal and clears down.

I would recommend that you discuss this with your local partner

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thank you so much