Backorder Release

Since we don’t want negative qty in inventory, we have location and reservation turned on in our system.

And now we are struggling with releasing backordered SO line, which is the order for out of stock at the time of entering the SO, when we receive PO.

Legacy system we were using had a function to pull up backorderd SO lines for the item you are receiving in PO.

How NAV’s standard way to handle allocation to backordered SO line from PO receipt?

Hi ,

Do you make reservations on the PO ? if so then you do see the stock becoming available.


Hi Hira,

Select the “Physical Negative Inventory” check box.

Inventory Management > Set up > Inventory > Inventory Model Groups > Set up tab > Negative Inventory pane.

“Physical Negative Inventory” check box helps you to sell an item even though you have no stock.



Didnt he say , that they dont want negative inventory ?


But he also said that they had location and reservation turned on in the system.

We turned on reservation to only ship from available on hand qty. we were told that the way to avoid negative qty in inventory.

We simply wanted to avoid negative qty in inventory, have ability to select which SO to ship first. We always have SO first, then create a big PO to fulfill 6 month worth of supply in one PO, we need system to auto allocate items received in PO to those SOs that are open.