backing out or closing old Navision sessions

Does anyone know of a product or way to “timeout” users Navision sessions? We want to be able to make a setting such that after 30 minutes of inactivity, the session closes down, thus releasing a license to the pool.

Check out ExpandIT Client Control.

I have been using Auto Close Idle, for some time and I am very happy with it. USD 200 for unlimited number of users is a bargain. Pelle

We use autocloseidle also. very happy. you can download a 30 try demo to see if it fills your needs

Thanks all for the feedback. Much appreciated! Do any of you use Terminal Server and Citrix?

Pelle, The price has changed since you last ordered the software, but it’s still a bargain. Rich, ACI works with Terminal Server, I am not sure about Citrix, but it should work fine with it. When you install ACI Client on a Terminal Server, it will be installed and run for all users, even if you added more Terminal Server users afterwards, but you may want to hear from Citrix users first…

Hi, I think this kind of features are standard in Citrix (dont know about terminal server). On my last employer we had that so a user were disconnected from their Navision session after 1 hour and then logged out after 1 extra hour (giving them time to reconnect). Regards Daniel

That’s right as Daniel says. You don’t need any additional software if You are using WTS or Citrix. Just set up the user profile so that the user is logged off (not disconnected) after some idle time.

Just to clarify, are the Auto Close Idle users on the Navision database or SQL?