Backflush Time Booking on Output Journal

With components on a production order - when you output journal Finished Product Qty it automatically backflushes components at the qty per output unit. E.g. 10 nuts per assembly - 10 units assembled = 100 consumption.

Is there a way in version 5.0 to do the same thing with the machine hours? E.g. 10 units output at 1 minute per unit. Looking for the output journal to automatically book 10 minutes production in the Run Time field on the output journal.

Yes, on machine center change the flushing method.

I am not using a machine center setup. I am using the work centers and all of the flushing methods are set to backward and still I am unable to have the work center output posted when exploding production orders in the Output Journal.

Please Help…

When u use automatic flushing u shudn’t check this on Output Journal as u have selected backward flushing the moment u change Released prod order to finished this will be posted automatically in the background.

The problem is that it is not posting in the background. I have checked both the item and capacity ledger entries after the production order has been changed to finished and the work center cost / run time is not being brought forward, thus the cost that is being shown in the expected cost column in the item ledger is incorrect. Any ideas?

It shud , what have u selected (i mean the cost calc basis).U will have to specify on Work Center the unit cost cal basis. U will mention unit cost calculation basis either on time or units. Then this cost is filled in work center, or u can mention at routing line as well.

U can go thru this It shud help.