Back Up Procedure

Being a new Axapta user. Can anyone tell me what the recommended back up procedure is for the Axapta database running on a SQL server? Thanks

Hello Dan, This is quite a broad subject and everything depends on how secure and recoverable you want or need things to be. Still, the following information may help: Axapta does not have a built in backup mechanism. Ideally, you should set up a maintenance plan within SQL Server specifying how often you want to perform the backup jobs. For example: Complete backup nightly, differential backups every 3 hours and transaction logs every hour. Backing up to a hard drive is usually the quickest. You can then use your preferred backup software/system (e.g. ArcServe, Veritas) to save the SQL Server backup files to tape. Remember the only good backup is one that has been tested. Out of interest, do you have a tape drive on the Axapta server itself and if so what storage capacity does it have? What server backup software do you use, and what were you intending to do about backups? - i.e. were you considering backing up straight to tape and were you thinking of backing up the transaction logs during the day or are things not quite that critical? Best regards, Andrew Cowell