back up data (altogether all fob)

if we back up database from server, is it back up the fob file that we made?

or we must export import them too to the local database?


This question cannot be answered in one sentence.

First: We assume that you created a backup using the “Tools” menu, “Backup…” option and selected “Entire Database”.
In this case the backup includes all objects as well.

Then: When you create a new and empty local database using “File” menu, “Database”,“New” option and imported your backup into this new and virgin database, then the local database also includes all objects from the server.
If you restore into an already existing database (no matter if you delete all existing companies first or not) the objects are NOT included except for those table objects which include data.

If the second is the case you definitely need to export objects from the server and import them into the local database manually.

Anyway, I prefer the first option [;)]

yes exactly i use the first option but when i backed up the option for 1. data common for all companies 2. application objects was disabled,and i couldn’t choose it nevertheless, i must export it once again from object designer (server) and then import from object designer (local)

Try to get familiar with using a full backup to be safe.
Either option should not have disabled you from choosing Application objects.

If you are moving programs from a test environment to a live environment.
Good pratice is to Export the required objects and import them as needed.
Try not to Export all modified objects otherwise the user gets his/her ZUP file reset,
the user tend to get a bit nasty if they need to reset all reports/forms if you changed them.