Back Splash when Opening Main Menu

I am looking for a way to modify this “cloudy” back splash when opening the main menu in Axapta 3.0. We would prefer to have our company name and logo! Any idea…[?] Danny

Add/Replace companylogo.bmp in the Axapta\share\include directory. The file needs to be a proper Bitmap. Let us know how you get on. Regards, Andrew Cowell Connor Software - the name to remember for Axapta

I already have tried this but with no success! Any idea what can be missing… I did have to create companylogo.bmp because it didn’t exist. Use simple bmp image to test. thanks

Hi Danny, As a test, I have just tried the following with Axapta 3.0 SP1: In the Axapta\share\include directory for the Axapta application I found a file called tutorial_burger.bmp I copied it and called it companylogo.bmp Then from both the server and a client PC I ran Axapta and I got a menu with burgers and fries rather than the clouds! If you are running a 3-tier installation of Axapta then you must place the companylogo.bmp in the Axapta\share\include directory on the client; Axapta does not pick it from the AOS. I am not aware of any other issues, so if you are still having problems I can only assume that your file is not a real bitmap or it is not located in the right directory for the Axapta application that you are calling. The only other suggestion I can think of, to eliminate any cacheing issues, is to put the companylogo.bmp in place, shutdown and restart Axapta and the client and see if it is there then. Again, please let us know how you get on, and if you are still having problems then I think you’ll need to provide us with some more information. Regards, Andrew

Thanks again Andrew. I have tried with the burger also and nothing…then I have decided to use “companylogo” as the name (without the .bmp) and WOW it works! I appreciate that you have pointed me in the right direction. So far so good in my discovery of Axapta [^] Danny