Back order quantity in Sales Shipment

Hello, I’m trying to get back order quantity on sales shipment report. I’ve noticed that outstanding quantity can be found from Sales lines, but i just can’t get that info to be linked with current posted sales invoice’s sales shipment… Back order quantity is very commonly used in Finland to notify customer in sales shipment that how much he has received and how much there is yet to come in back order.

You have basically two ways to solve this problem: The safest (and only valid) method is to create a new field on the table 111 with the outstanding Qty… In CU 80 you need to add just after the SalesShptLine.TRANSFERFIELDS(TempSalesLine); statement a new line like : SalesShptLine.“Outstanding Qty.” := TempSalesLine.“Outstanding Quantity” - SalesShptLine.“Quantity”; Make sure that this line is inserted before the SalesShptLine.INSERT statement. second option: create a new lookup type flowfield in table 115 to the Outstanding Quantity field of the table 37 with the filter for Order no. and Order Line No. Problem with this solution is that this value is not fixed (this means that it might change when you reprint a Shipment Note later.

Thank you for the fast reply. I’ll try to make it work out (by valid way, of course [;)]).

Always welcome. Just post here again when finished (successfull or not).