Back Color of tab Control doesn't change

Hi all,

Client is using 5.0 LS Retail. He want to change the background color of the Purchase order tabs’s. But when I changed the Properties of Tab Control , It doesn’t work, Is there any way to achieve this

Hi ,

IF you want to change the background color of a single tab , you cannot do it by default .However you can lay a control behind the controls on the tab , that has color.


I tried to add frame at the backend but it did not worked. is there any specific control to add it?

I have changed the back color of entire tab control in PO but it is not updating its color

Well I added a button for example. Any control that you can colour will do !


I have place command button at the back ground of tab control and change the back color of command button but it didnot work, I tried viceversa but no luck this time also. I have changed the backtransparent property in the both cases It didnot change but I am getting border of the control extra in tab control