Aye up!

Hello all!

I am a IT Consultant having worked with MS technologies for several years, usual suspects:

VBA, VB 6, SQL Server, ASP.NET C#

Been wanting to have a slight career change and move into ERP and Dynamics.

I am starting the MBA Information Systems with Dynamics AX at Sheffield Hallam University in September, and thought it would be handy to get involved in the Dynamics community :slight_smile:

Look forward to getting to know you all!


Welcome Mobashar. I just wanted to know do they have same programme for Dynamics NAV? :).


Hi Imran

Actually my mistake, as I am interested in AX at the moment I made a typo, it should just read ‘with dynamics’.

The course is not specific to AX as far as I know.

They give you options for the actual dynamics training. I think they also have an MSc if you want to be more technical. Looking at the MSc I have done most of the course content in the real world bar the dynamics stuff. (Cant find the MSc on the site, they may have stopped it, you will have to check)

I am looking at a gaining a more strategic business oriented perspective in ERP and hence opted for the MBA.


Have a look, I think it is the ideal route for someone like myself who has lots of experience but wants to move into ERP. Hopefully I bring proven skills as well as what I will learn on the course.

Welcome to The Dynamics User Group,

I hope we can help you in getting there. For sure if you want to get involved in Dynamics this is the place to start.

Cheers David

Have a few months before I go back to school! However come September I am sure I will posting questions all over the place lol.

In the meantime ASP.NET, Kerberos problems are the flovour of the day :S