Axform related Web Part is not reflecting !

What i did i am mentioning here.

1)Added CustomerGrid.ascx USER CONTROL which contains AxGridView and AxDataSource(Role->Provider)

2)Added CustomerDetails.ascx USER CONTROL which contains AxForm and AxDataSource(Role->Consumer)

3)Added WebPart Page(Customer.aspx)which contains 2 web parts.

In First Web Part i added CustomerGrid and set web part role → Provider

In Second Web Part i added CustomerDetails and set Web Part Role → Consumer

Then in First Web Part Set Edit->Connections->Send AxContextList to->2nd Web part name(ex. CustomerDetails)

So when i select a record in AxGridview,(Ist web part)that particular record should come in AxForm(in 2nd web part).

My problem is Now i am viewing records in 1st web part.But whenever i am selecting a record in that ,the correponding record is not coming to 2nd web part.I see only first record in 2nd web part.

I even refreshed AOD,data but i am not able to do it. Please help me out.

I dont have AX or the development environment in front of me.

Check DataKeyNames property on your dataset. If that key property is incorrect - it behaves this way.

Try and have look at it on msdn.