Axapta's performance

We are facing slow performance of Axapta. It is taking more than 10 minutes to print batch ticket and production end. (It is in production module) Module finance is also having same problem. Try to post General Journal it is taking unusual timing to end the process. And also we found that at the time of cubes process in SSAS it is extending the timing more than 15 minutes.

I expect some suggestion from your side to speed up the performance of Axapta.

Thanks And Regards

Abdul Rahman

Hi Abdul,

At one of our client, we faced the same problem. After diagnosis, we found that the performance was slow because of customizaions, like code was written on Genral Journal form due to which it took 10 minutes just to open the General jornal form. After code upgrade and hardware upgrade, the performance was good.



You have mentioned issues from many different areas.

Usually there is no one magic bullet which will resolve performance issues. To start with, can you let us know the following -

  1. Did you face these issues right from the beginning or these issues started off recently?
  2. If recently started, from when? Where there any changes made which triggered these issues?

Also please do a search in these forum. You should find many tips to improve the performance.

And lastly you might consider engaging a knowledgeable partner or an external consultant to investigate these issues and provide effective solution