Axapta Upgradation to newer version

HI All, I want to Upgrade Navision Axapta 2.5 sp3 MP(Having customization) to Axapta 3.0 sp1 in one of our clients place. But i am not getting any good methodology or steps to work on this. Can some one provide/guide me with detailed steps for the upgradation process. Some good documents will be a gr8 advantage to me. Thanks and Regards Amar

Hi, There is no easy way to do this. At technet there is a good document about upgrading the data model only and it seems to be tricky enough. Perhaps the safest way is to install plain axapta 3.0sp2 and then recreate the modifications again into it. Working this way the target is not moving, amount of the work is fixed and you know all the time what to do: “Copy-paste-Compile and Test”. Afterwards you have a v3.0 product which works better than the old one.

Thanks K.K Yes i too gone through the documents and discussions on Technet and the upgarding the data model bounced to me. And as you said to do the rework is the only way to make upgradation!!!