Axapta Report of sales frequency of items


I would like to have an overview of the items that we sell more often than the others but I can’t find a report on sales frequency possibly per group of items or supplier’s number. I’m using Dynamics AX 4.0 Anyone who has an idea?

You can use ABC classification - Analysis reports with ABC model, for that you need to set the item master with ABC-codes appropriately.

-Jagadeesh K

For ABC classification, you need to classify item also like vaue margin etc.


But the ABC analysis doesn’t give me that data. I need the actual number of sales transactions per certain period of time and per item number (possibly with a search cathegory suppliers number or item group) .

That report needs to be customized. ABC classification is an approcah to achieve your objective.

Thanks! I am an absolute beginner, so I have to ask further - do you mean the core of the ABC - model, cause now I have only 4 option (margin, turnover, indirect costs, and value) and none of them give what I am after for. I looked at the `choose’ options but didn’t find anything there. Sorry, for making it a big question, but i’m quite lost :wink:

ABC analysis is not just limited to AX, but its a global concept used in allmost all industries maintaining inventory. The basic principle is that the low volume (qty) of inventory has higher financial value, so it can be classified as A group item and in counting also A class items are counted frequently since they are reason behind major chunk of inventory value. So items are classified into different group as per costumer business requirement.

I think that you need to see the item most sold in terms of qty. in that case, you can create a report based on inventtrans table where you can easily track out which item has been sold most in the given period of time.