Axapta manufacturing

Hi I am having a problem with the costing of production !!! The situation I am in is like as follows : There is a production order of 108000 quantity been created and only 97200 has been produced and register in the inventory. After that some of the stock from the same production has been reserved and delivery note has been generated. When I try to generate the invoice for the sales order the system wont let me do that as the costing for production has not been done yet. And when I try to do the cost of the production I get the following error message : -Qty. ordered may not be reduced, as there are not enough inventory transactions with ‘on order’ status. -The items are ‘Sold’, ‘Deducted’ or ‘Picked’. Can somebody plsssssssssssssss help me out of this. We are running on Ax 2.5 SP3 Regards,

Hi Jagjeet You may be better suited putting this posting in the Axapta end user questions forum. [:D] I presume you have the stock to generate the invoice? Sorry never seen Axapta so i’ll ask the obvious question!