Axapta Inventory

The way we have Axapta set up to reserve quantities it’s possible for an inventory location to go negative. The problem for example we have -50 pans in location A51 and we have +50 pans in location B49. The inventory report shows we have 0 on-hand which is correct. However if you look at inventory by location we have negative quantities. If you attempt to move the item ,it will error out with a message insufficent quantites to move posting cancelled. Suggestions on how to correct the inventory by location?

hello, My understanding is - U have reserved 50 pans in location A and now u want to transfer some pans lets say 10 pans to another loaction. if so then first u have to unreserve the 10 pans and then transfer them. Please let me know if i understood u correctly or not. regards vaibhav pednekar

Back to my example I have no pans on hand - sold out Inventory report shows 0 Inventory by location shows 50 pans in location B49 and (50) pans in location A51 - a negative amount. Trying to zero out these two locations because I have no inventory of pans, nothing is reserved, but get insufficent quantites to move error meassage