Axapta interview questions - Most recent

Explain RunBase framework
Methods to be implemented in RunBase
Explain Query Framwork
How data is passed between forms
If data is to be fileterd on form when we open from menuitem, where do we write this code
Why is .Net business connector used?
How do you generate number sequence through code?
Diffenet exceptions in Axapta
How do you handle exceptions in Axapta?
Difference between Checkfailed and throw
What are Maps?
How can you post a JOurnal through code?
How credit note is created in Axapta?
How do we return Purchase items in Axapta?
How do you create Intercompany orders in Axapta?
How payments are done in AXapta?
How settlement is done
How items are transfered in Axapta
Best practises
How do you add additional charges to transactions
Different financial dimenions
Different inventory dimensions
How do you make these dimensions mandatory both financial and inventory
How do you do Bank reconciliation
How do you run MRP
How do you change a planned order to purchase order
WHat are static and instance methods
How do you choos to make a method to be static//instance
WHat is code profiler
How to import csv data in to AX

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