AXAPTA HR Module - Tables and joins

Hi All, after setting up an ODBC Interface against Axapta 3.0 I try to pull out information about Employees and Organization into Excel. Unfortunately there is no documentation about main tables and joins between them. I try to create an ERD in Visual MorphXplorer but all this feature is delivering are tables and no joins at all (so it is a little bit useless). Any help on this subject is highly appreciated. Thanks Daniel

Hi Daniel, I agree with you on the lack of documentation bit. However the onus is on the Axapta Developer to generate such reports. Coming to your query - I am not sure what exactly you are looking for. If you are just looking for table names, then they are EmplTable and HRMOrganisation table. Also please note that you can copy records directly from Axapta Forms and paste them into an Excel sheet. Hope this helps, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Harish, for a Data Warehouse I try to pull out information about employees and organisations they belong to. The information about employees are held in the EmplTable. The information about organizations are held in the HRMOrganisation table. The question is now how can I map these two tables. What is the unique key or do I need more the those two tables? Thanks for your help Daniel

Hi Daniel, Unfortunately where I work, they do not have license for full fledged HR module[:(] But I remember seeing some standard reports in Axapta which used to give the information that you are after. If you haven’t checked it yet, suggest you to do the same. Probably you might get some idea from them. Also if I remember correctly the relation is not directly between EmplTable and HRMOrganization table. Sorry couldn’t be of much assistance [:(] Harish Mohanbabu