Axapta Hour Project Journal - Overtime

Dear All,

I have setup cost price per hour for employee and using it in hour project journal and everything is working fine. But i have new scenario like if employee works more than 8 hours i.e 2 or 3 hours then company pays 1.5 % per hour. So, how to setup the overtime of employees in Axapta so that if i enter more than 10 hours in a journal then Axapta should calculate cost price with overtime. Please help me on this.



Hi Syed,

I will suggest you to create a new category for overtime and then do the pricing setup based on category.


Thanks Pranav for this idea. Through this, i have to enter two lines in journal i.e. one for normal hours and second line for overtime hours with different category. Can’t i achieve this in one line, i mean axapta calculating overtime hours directly without adding second line. :slight_smile:

Hi Syed,

I think this feature is not available in standard AX. You need to customize it. Even customization will also be complex you will be making system rigid for over entry in hour journal.


Yes…I agree with you. I will try to convince the users here…

Thanks for your support.