axapta help files

Do they suck or is it just me? Seems like everything i look up has little or no useful explanation. Here is an example for CustTable::DiffCurrencyCodesOnOpen: CustTable::DiffCurrencyCodesOnOpen Run on: Called Syntax public container DiffCurrencyCodesOnOpen(TransDate p1) … and that’s about it as far as information goes! Unbelievable! Is there something wrong with my help files or is it just how they are?

Nope…they just suck lol This was a big complaint to Microsoft. They are said to be addressing it with Axapta 4.0.

Hi, I don’t claim to be a Microsoft fan nor I am being employed by them. But let us be fair and not blame MS for everything. Documentation is not one of Axapta’s strengths. And this has been the case even before Microsoft was in the scene. And they are pretty much aware of this and with ver 4.0 they have promised more detailed and meaningful documentation. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

i wasnt blaming ms. I know they just bought this piece of … treasure they usually have decent docs.