Axapta Full Backup

Hi All,

In 2 tier environment, I use to back up the Axapta SQL Server Database and the Application Folder “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\navision\Axapta Application\Appl\Standard” as the full back up of Axapta everyday by Veritas software.

This back up just need users to log off Axapta everyday, then I can backup the application files completely.

What should I do in 3 tiers environment? Because AOS is still running all the time. Please help…

Thank you very much.

Hi Khue,

Try to schedule a stop and restart of AOS when there are no users (midnight etc). After the AOS is stopped you can schedule a backup of Axapta files. Once this is done, you can schedule restart of AOS.

You can stop and start the AOS by creating bat file and scheduling this using Windows task scheduler. You can find this under Programs → Accessories → System tools.

The commands for stopping/starting AOS are -

To stop AOS - net stop “Axapta object server”
To start AOS - net start “Axapta object server”

As always before deploying please try this out in development installation.

Hope this helps.

You can also make this from another server. Just use:

netsvc /stop \SERVERNAME “Axapta Object Server”
netsvc /start \SERVERNAME “Axapta Object Server”

Of course the user doing this must have the right to start/stop the service on the remote server.

Thank you very much…

Let me try to make it work.


Similar to “netsvc”, you can also use “sc” utility to query status of windows services in remote pcs.

I may be wrong - but I guess these utilities by default come with server operating systems. For this to work in client operating systems (like Win XP etc), you might have to download resource kits of servers (Win NT, Win 2003 Server etc)