Axapta EP - Business Connector : Identity

We have installed a Axapta 3.0 SP3 (with kernel hotfix) on a Win2000 Server. Client en Aplication is installed and we are running an Enterprise Portal. This one does run, however with a strange behaviour. The Navasion Axapta Business Connector is running with identity ‘Administrator’. This is a local administrator because the webserver is placed outside the domain in a DMZ. Wheneven the Administrator is logged on to this server, the EP works, but as soon as he logs out the EP won’t work anymore. The message that appears then : AxaptaCOMConnector.Axapta.1 error ‘80042041’ Does anybody know what the problem is ? Any help is appreaciated. Greetings, Jurgen

hi, Look at: Control panel-> componentservices-> Computers-> MyComputer-> COM±services → NavisionAxaptaBusinessConnector. In the properties you can set the identity of the service + many other settings. br,

As i said before in the original topic, we have set the identity there. It is al local user because the webserver is placed in a DMZ, so a domain user is not possible. Problem is that that user has to be logged in to the webserver otherwise the EP won’t run … I can’t explain that, hope someone else can.