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I have a team of 3 Axapta Developers at the moment and they all seemingly do their own thing, without much in the way of documentation or version control.

I’m just wondering what people are using to control their axapta development projects? Ie bug fixes, feature requests, testing cycles etc.

As the new IT Manager here I am finding teh Axapta Development side of things painful to come to grips with and truly understand what my staff are upto without having some kind of version/documentation tools.

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Hi Diomede,

There are several tools for Ax 3.0 to help on version control. You can check with these companies:

Perfect Programming - Au.

Celenia - in my previous company, we use this tool for integration between AX 3.0 and MS SourceSafe. I think it’s a really good tool for team developement.

Hope this help


There is an integration of Axapta with SourceGear Vault (, it is called ddpVault. Just last week I found out that you don’t have to pay for the integration tool anymore (only for the sourcegear program).

Anyway, you can download the toolkit from (the direct link would be, but at the moment it does not work). It consists of an Axapta xpo and a DDL which communicates with SourceGear Vault (for which you still have to pay).

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Your issue sounds very familiar.

After working on a number of projects, the company that I work for, found that version control was a common problem. We took it upon ourselves to develop a tool so we could complete our projects in an efficient manner.

It provides a tracking system to document modifications, customizations and the like as well as cleans up duplicate coding to fix or prevent bugs.

It is non intrusive so you don’t have to worry about the tool affecting your system.

I can send you some more information. Let me know if you are interested.


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