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Can anyone recommend a Data Warehousing / BI Solution for Axapta, not only a toolset. IE. There must be an extensive set of ready-made applications, reports, spreadsheets etc. together with whatever the toolset is, so developers can be quick to start by referencing plenty of examples while the business have immediate access to standard “business packs”. - Maybe I’m dreaming here, but if you know of something, please tell.

I have had a look at Dataceptor but they seem to enjoy little support and there are no Axapta examples.

I came across the below Solution. Is anybody here using it, if so what is your experience?…/dashboard_dynamics_ax.pdf

Thanks in advance.

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As part of standard Ax 2009, MS provide various BI samples including -

  • Around 40 SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports
  • Around 10 SQL Server Analysis Cubes (SSAS)

Additionally there is a ready made Enterprise portal which has been developed using technologies like .NET, AJAX etc.

They are all readily available standard solutions as part of DAX 2009. Have you had a chance to look at them yet?

Additionally MS have released a tool for managing Ax databases. I have mentioned this tool quite a few times here. Any way, you can read more about this tool here -


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We have just deployed the standard cubes and built customized cubes aswell in SSAS. It worked out great so I can’t see the need for third party products for BI. The only thing that can be turned against the standard cubes in DAX 2009 is that they are very big and contains many dimensions and measures. So you need to start and cut them at the beginning just to get a grip of them. One other thing is that if you should go outside the “standard Out of the Box” cubes you should consider to build them directly in SSAS.

The reason as I see it is that if you build customized cubes in AX you get a lot of BASEenum tables in SSAS that you maybe don’t have any use of.

If anyone has another point of this please make a comment

Best Regards Johan

Hi Johan,

It will be great if you could tell us how your experience was in cleaning the cubes. Particularly if you could share any tips, estimate etc that will be great.

My personal experience in cleaning standard Ax cubes is MS could have made this process easier. One suggestion I have is to use cube advisor tool ( This made cleaning process slightly easier in identifying the elements that needs to be cleaned.

Due to manual cleaning nature it was difficult for me to give a definite estimate to the clients. It was more touch and go.


Hi Harish,

We used the tool advisor and followed the maual how that should be done.

That didn’t take so long but it’s of course a matter of wich licenses the customer has. Our client had allmost all licenses there is for DAX 2009. So cleansing was not so time consuming.

But the thing I meant with many dimensions and measures is that if the end-users don’t have any experience with cubes it gets confusing for them to get all of them at one time. It’s quiet hard to get a hold of that extent. It is hard for everyone even experienced BI-Consultants. So one tip for all of you that are going to use the cubes try to hide measures and dimensions that you doesn’t need from the beginning. It’s easier to make the visible as the time goes and the users are asking for more data and sees the possibilities with the cubes.

Are you int the loop for starting up with a new BI-project with AX 2009?

the discussion is wonderful thanx for posting the information

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